Warren & Morris, Ltd. Search Process

Our search process involves multiple steps and generally falls into three phases:

Phase I:  Position specification, Research and Candidate Identification

The first phase will involve generating a company and position profile (immediately), which will be used as an information and recruitment tool for screened candidates warranting consideration.  An extensive research effort will proceed to identify potentially qualified candidates and sources of information and referrals.  During this phase, we will be using our proprietary database, social media links, external resources, talking with key industry executives and making preliminary contact with potentially qualified candidates.  We estimate that Phase I will take approximately 30 days.  Meanwhile, we will not hesitate to forward candidates as they surface should they warrant immediate consideration.

Phase II: Candidate Contact, Evaluation and Presentation

We will conduct telephone interviews, video or face front interviews (as determined by the client) with all of the qualified candidates.  Normally, we would expect to present a final panel of candidates or "short list" during this second 30-day phase of the search.  For each candidate presented we will prepare a brief written profile outlining their related experience, education, family information, compensation outline, our assessment of their fit to the position and any issues relevant to their recruitment.  We will also at this point verify education credentials and conduct at least one professional reference.  Again, candidates can and will be submitted as they surface if they standout prior to the culmination of this short list.

Phase III: Interviews, Referencing, Offer Negotiation, Closure and Transition Management

The final phase of the search, the selection and closing, although primarily your responsibility for execution, will be orchestrated and managed very closely by us.  This will conclude the coordination of initial and subsequent meetings with you and other members of your team as appropriate, the communication of the results of each meeting to you and the candidates, reimbursement of candidate expenses, the development of a strategy for final offer, the management of a thorough reference checking process, the closing of the successful candidate and facilitating their transition to your company.  Throughout this phase, it is important for us all to remain flexible and creative in terms of the requirements of the position, as well as changing business conditions.  Our goal is to communicate with you frequently in order to keep all of us aware of such changes.  Throughout the project, we will maintain complete records and promptly communicate your/our decisions to potential candidates and sources.